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We formed Plexus to assist oil and gas producers in obtaining conforming and alternative financing structures.

Plexus understands the energy industry, from the capital provider’s point of view and from our client’s point of view.  We bring years (careers) of experience in structuring and arranging loans from within large corporate banks for public and private energy companies and on the other side of the table, sourcing debt and equity capital from inside both public and private E&P companies.

Specifically our groups' prior careers include experience in:

• Structuring financing terms to optimize client operational flexibility, and reducing cost of capital by
.. mitigating funder perceived risk.

• Understanding and anticipating the impact of capital provider controls, covenants, and reporting
.. requirements burdening the client.

• Raising capital through private placements and public offerings of debt and equity and asset backed
.. structured financings (Volumetric Production Payments and tax efficient secured financial debt
.. structures).

• Commodity price risk markets, structures and counter-parties.

• Utilizing insurance markets to mitigate transaction risk and reduce cost of capital.

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